Never forget to close the toilet seat again!

The "Flush-Down Automatic Toilet Seat" closes the toilet seat and lid every time you flush. It's easy to install. All you need is a screwdriver.

The Flush-Down Toilet Seat is making homes safer by eliminating the risk of pets drinking chemically-treated toilet water and toddlers depositing things in them that they were not designed to receive. But ladies say the biggest benefit is eliminating the cold water splash at 3am, caused by men (or boys) leaving the seat up. That's why we say, "Flush-Down saves relationships "one flush at a time".

NO Accidental Wet Behinds

How many times have you gotten up at night and forgotten to check the toilet seat, only to find that your family members left the seat up? The Flush-Down closes the seat so they don't have to.

NO Pets Drinking

When your pets drink from the toilet - they might get sick from cleaning agents or other germs. The Flush-Down automatically closes the toilet seat & lid for you, saving you and your pet a trip to the vet.

NO Babies Playing

The Flush-Down helps prevent children from playing and throwing things in the toilet. When the lid is down - you'll save money on calling in a plumber to unplug your toilet and keep your children safe.

Help limit the spread of Germs by installing the Flush-Down

The Flush-Down cuts contact with your toilet seat in half and automatically closes the toilet seat & lid for you.

  • Easy installation

  • All yoiu need is a screwdriver

  • No Batteries required

  • Fully Automatic

  • Nearly Invisible

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Why Our Customers Love the Flush-Down

  • Love it! Completely automatic but simple design - works every time. Keeps a neat, clean look to the bathroom without any effort.
    Kent B.
  • We have had a unit for the last 8 months - Flush-Down is so efficient that we aren't even aware its there. My wife and I always put the seat down - it annoyed us that other members of our family and guests didn't. Flush-Down has solved that problem. We highly recommend the Flush-Down.
    Larry Hull